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All orders are shipping out of our Distribution Center in Melbourne.

Heys Australia will ship your items via standard ground from our Distribution Center in Melbourne within 24-48 hours of receiving your order and the successful processing of your credit card payment. In the even that a delay may occur with your order, Heys Australia will contact you within 1-2 business days.

If you require an immediate delivery ETA or assistance with your order, please email and a representative will get back to you.

Heys Australia will not be responsible for delivery delays due to unforeseen circumstances outside our reasonable control such as delays due to severe weather, natural disasters or strikes.

All shipping is done with Australian Post Standard ground shipping out of our Distribution Center in Melbourne.

Please "Log In" to your account and view its Order Status and tracking information.

Once you have received an order confirmation number you will not be able to make any changes or cancel the order. Please send us an email at for any changes/cancellations.

Once your order is shipped via Australia Post you will receive an email providing you with your tracking number. Kindly click the link to view the status of your package. You may also "Log In" to your account to retrieve your tracking number displayed beside the “Fulfillment Date”

Orders over $99 can enjoy free delivery.
Orders under $99 will have a $9.95 flat delivery fee applied.

Free delivery does not apply to New Zealand

After placing your order, you may click the "Log In" link at the top right hand side of our site to review your order status. When your order is shipped you will see your tracking number displayed in your account. You will also receive a shipment confirmation email along with a URL link to track your package on Australia Post website

Click the "Log In" ink at the top right hand side of our site, then click on the order in question to retrieve your tracking number(s) (your tracking number will be displayed beside the Fulfillment Date). Click the tracking link provided to see your order status. If your package shows a status of “delivered” please email for assistance.

Click the "Log In" link at the top right hand side to review the items purchased. If you have received your shipment, please check inside each piece to make sure the missing item(s) is not “nested” inside another product.

If the missing item is not “nested”, please email our our Customer Service representative for further assistance at

Please click here for more information on returning an item.

If you feel that you have received the wrong product, please email us at within 72 hours of receiving the product.

Please see our Return Policy for details.

Please note we have 2 different types of luggage warranty. These levels are based on the different materials used on various styles.

Visit our "Warranty Page" for more information.

Orders placed directly on will automatically register for warranty.

Any customers purchasing from a retail location, will need to register their warranty here.,

This will depend on several factors, such as the make of product itself and the nature of the repair. Please email our customer service team at and a representative should be able to provide an estimated date.

This applies to passengers arriving into the USA and connecting to other flights, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires access to air passengers' luggage for security screening in the USA, sometimes without the passenger being present. To allow luggage to be locked for protection against theft, the TSA has approved certain locks, identified by a logo on the locks.

TSA personnel’s can open and inspect your luggage and then re-lock your luggage with the master TSA keys.

If TSA screeners need to inspect your luggage and you do not have a TSA Lock, then they may break your Lock to inspect your luggage and then from that point on, your luggage will remain without a lock, rendering the lock you originally had on your luggage, useless.

You cannot reset your lock combination without knowing the original combination you had set.

You can buy bolt cutters to break open your lock - but there is another more simple solution if you have 15 minutes to spare. Simply try all the possible combinations from 000 - 999 ( 000, 001, 002, 003 through to 999) It may sound like a laborious task, but it should only take you 15 minutes to go through all the numbers - and it will save you from breaking your lock. So it’s the best solution if you forget your combination code. Try it out instead of breaking your lock and having to buy a new one.

Please view the instruction manual ( included in the purchase ) or follow the instructions - Here

You do NOT receive a key with TSA locks.

The Keyhole on your TSA lock is for TSA personnel ONLY. It allows them to open, inspect and re-lock luggage if necessary. This applies to passengers arriving and/or connecting to the United States. Unless you own the Smart Luggage, the new innovative technology suitcase that comes with a built in App controlled TSA Lock and a set of keys.

Your monthly credit card statement usually displays your EXACT billing information. If you are still unsure, please contact your credit card issuing bank to confirm / correct your billing information. Also, if you have recently moved, the Credit Card companies may still have your old address on file.

AVS is an automated tool to help reduce credit card fraud for online transactions by verifying the person placing the order is in fact the card holder.

When you submit your credit card billing information online during checkout, the AVS system checks that this information is the same as per the information that the Credit Card companies have on record. If the information entered does not match EXACTLY of what Visa, MasterCard, or AMEX have on file, then the AVS system will inform us that the information is NOT MATCHING .

We do NOT have access to the correct information, we are merely informed that either the name/address/ or phone number is 'Matching', 'Not Matching', or 'Partially Matching'.

In most cases, it is 'Matching', and your order is shipped as soon as possible. However, if your AVS Result returns a 'Not Matching' or a 'Partially Matching' result , we then cannot process the order due to the potential of it being a fraudulent transaction. We then try to contact the card holder via telephone to verify he or she did in fact place the order.

This AVS system is in place to better protect your security, as if you lost your credit card and someone tried to make a purchase online, it would alert the merchant of an 'incorrect match'.

Sorry, Heys Australia does not price match.

Click the "Log In" link at the top right hand side of our site to access and review your orders. You may compare your order history on our website, with your financial records. If you have further questions or concerns, please email customer service for further assistance at

Click the "Log In" link at the top right hand side of our site to access your account and print invoices.

Credits usually take 7-10 business days from the time we receive your item(s). However, Credit card companies vary on the time it takes for credit to appear on their customers' records. Please allow one to two billing cycles for the refund to appear on your statement.

Your credit card will be charged within 24 hours of submitting your order

We put a clear coating of protective film, on most of our glossy surfaced luggage’s. The clear film helps protect your bag from any scratches, or scuff marks while the luggage is in transit. Once you receive your order, you may peel this film off.

No, we are not open the public.

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